This module allows to use a Web Application Description Language document as a SPORE specification.

LIMITATION : cross-references are not supported.

This module requires LuaExpat.

Global Functions

new_from_wadl( desc, [, { options }] )

Instanciate a ReST client from a WADL document defined by an URL or a filename.

The optional table options allows to overwrite some parameters of the description (see Spore.new_from_spec).

local wadl = require 'Spore.WADL'
local client = wadl.new_from_wadl 'yahoo_news_search.wadl'

convert( wadl )

Converts a WADL document into a SPORE specification (represented by a table).


wadl2spore url

Converts a WADL document into a Spore Specification. By this way, the SPORE specification could be edited/modified before use.

$ wadl2spore yahoo_news_search.wadl > yahoo_news_search.json


Not yet.